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RV living is fantastic. Whether you are traveling across the state or the country, or if you go to the lake on the weekends to park your RV and relax, we believe spending time with your family and friends in your RV is a beautiful way to make memories.

However, RV maintenance doesn’t make it into those beautiful memories. That’s why we are here! We have created The Freedom Stick to make your RV experience even more fun and relaxing! If you have every wondered how to reach the black water tank on your RV, look no further.

Why we created The Freedom Stick

Here at The Freedom Stick offices, we love our RVs. We have been enjoying RV life for years and have found that there are few better ways to make memories with your family. An RV is the perfect way to de-stress your vacations. Unlike car rides full of luggage or cramped plane rides, an RV allows you to spread out while traveling to your destination.

You can bring your pets along for the trip so they don’t have to be boarded. The flexibility to change plans and stops along the way is a huge draw to the RV life. And an RV allows you to see small towns and parts of the countryside that you can’t see with plane or train travel. RV living allows you to enjoy all the benefits of vacationing without the hassles of car, plane, train, or bus travel.

However, one unpleasant aspect of RV camping is cleaning your RV’s black water tank. Unfortunately, knowing how to access and maintain the black water tank is a huge detractor for people considering purchasing an RV. But we believe that if people can know how to reach the black water tank on an RV, the whole task of cleaning the tank becomes a little less intimidating. Here at The Freedom Stick, we want to take the guesswork and dread out of this task so you can enjoy RV time to the fullest!


The very nature of a black water tank on an RV is that it is unsanitary. Apart from being inconvenient, the task of cleaning something that is so dirty makes black water tank maintenance the job that no one wants. The Freedom Stick may not make cleaning your RV’s black water tank a fun job, but it will help make it safer and more sanitary. The typical way to reach your tank is to crawl under your RV to open the appropriate valves. This puts you at risk for waste to get on you! The Freedom Stick is shaped so that you have easy and clean access to your black water tank valves without having to put yourself at risk of getting tank waste on you.


The Freedom Stick is the easiest way to access an RV’s black water tank. You simply reach the valves with The Freedom Stick, taking the guesswork out of crawling under your tank and reaching up for the valves.

Keeps you clean

You don’t have to change shoes or clothes when accessing your black water tank. The Freedom Stick keeps you clean during what has traditionally been the dirtiest RV maintenance task! You don’t have to touch anything gross—The Freedom Stick does the work for you.

Hand-crafted materials

The Freedom Stick helps you access your RV’s black water tank with our one-of-a-kind design. Our product is hand-crafted, so you can trust that you are getting a quality tool from a company that cares about superior standards. Our rubberized valve grip is patented and fitted so that there are no slips or mishaps with your black water tank valves.

Perfect for all makes and models

The Freedom Stick allows you to access black water tanks of all makes and models of RVs. The tool is specified to do one task perfectly every time and without fail, but it is designed in a way that it is versatile enough to service a massive variety of RVs.

Enjoy your RV without worrying about how to reach your black water tank

The whole point of RV living and camping is relaxation. If you can relieve stress and save time with regular RV maintenance, we here at The Freedom Stick offices think you should! That is why we invented a way to help you access the black water tank on your RV. Because we love this lifestyle, we wanted to make it more enjoyable for others in the RV community. Traveling in your RV allows you to spend quality time with your family, building memories and experiencing new people and new places in a space that is all your own. Worrying about how to reach your RV’s black water tank is not something that you want on your mind. Keep you and your family safe and clean and enjoy your time to the fullest when you have The Freedom Stick doing the dirty work for you.

We hope that when you purchase our product, you will see how easy it is to reach your black water tanks, saving you time, stress, and frustration. When you have The Freedom Stick in your hands, you can get the job done quickly and cleanly, leaving you time to enjoy your RV and the people in it.